Master classes for professionals

The training and the continuous exchange of knowledge among Feng Shui consultants is a big concern to me. 

The workshops provide an opportunity to observe up-close the intricacies and “craftsmanship” in the application of classical Feng Shui and to learn from experienced teachers. Form and Compass school methods will be used. Therefore participants should be familiar with these techniques.
Since 2011, I organize and translate masterclasses with Howard Choy. I am very familiar with his philosophy and approach. With many years of experience and empathy, I am able to authentically transfer the knowledge and message of Howard Choy. You can look forward to a demanding and hands-on workshop in a pleasant atmosphere within a manageable group.

All teaching will be done in English language with German translation! The workshop will take place in Vienna.


Architect and international Feng Shui lecturer. Born in China, he emigrated to Sydney - Australia as a teenager, where he studied architecture. In the 1980's he learned Feng Shui under the personal guidance of Master Ren Zhilin in Hong Kong. Since 1992 he has been working with Chinese and Western universities on Feng Shui research. 

As an Architect and Feng Shui expert, he always looks at the situation from both perspectives and realizes Feng Shui in a practical way. He is director of the European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS) and a director of ar-qi-tektur, a Feng Shui Architects office in Berlin.

Howard Choy, in his usual humorous and entertaining way, manages convincingly to connect the Eastern and Western world view.


Next workshops with Howard Choy:

27. - 29. Sept. 2019 - Feng Shui Workshop - Xing Shi Pai - Formschool 


Past workshop with Howard Choy:

May 2017 - Feng Shui Workshop - Advanced Formschool 

Apr 2016 - Feng Shui Master Class - Business Feng Shui - Office

Oct 2015 - Feng Shui Master Class - XKDG Day Selection

Oct 2014 - Feng Shui Master Class - Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui

Oct 2014 - Feng Shui Tours Vienna - Shopping in the City

Apr 2014 - Privat Feng Shui - Garden Feng Shui

Apr 2014 - Feng Shui Tours Vienna - The new WU-Campus

Oct 2013 - Privat Feng Shui - Feng Shui for Residential Homes

Mar 2013 - Workshop Eight House & San He Pai Water Methods 

Mar 2012 — Business Feng Shui — Feng Shui of offices

Oct 2012 -   Advanced Flying Stars & Eight House Water Methods

Oct 2011 — Business Feng Shui — Feng Shui of sales premises