“I have known Mrs. Feldhofer for a long time and I am always excited by her advice.
A few years ago when we planned to build a house, she was of great help. She advised us on decisions, such as which plot to buy, overall plan of the house, floor plan, colors, landscaping and more. Even the Chinese horoscope for all family members was considered in the planning process. Things, which we might have pondered over for a long time, we could easily and safely decide on due to her recommendations. Thus, the entire construction process was facilitated and ran along smoothly.
They were so many great ideas that we could implement. The entire family is very happy.” Elisabeth G., Vienna

“The year always starts with a horoscope analysis from Mrs. Feldhofer and that for many years now. It is a real help and I am very grateful for her striking views and suggestions.”
Jörg B., Vienna

“The horoscope is incredibly striking and to me in my current life situation extremely helpful …” Britta K., Wiener Neustadt

Dear Edith and all Master Howard Choy seminar colleagues,
Primarily to Edith THANK you for organizing this seminar so well. It was a pleasure for all of us to get to know and to work with you. I hope it remains not a single event.
I wish you all a peaceful week and look forward to our next meeting.

Dear Edith!
A big THANK YOU, that you've brought Howard Choy to Austria and organized this seminar. I also like to come to the planned exercise evenings to Vienna … I’m looking forward to it!
My best regards and a relaxing holiday!
Hildegard W.

Dear Edith,
Thank you, for the excellent organization and for teaching us the practice of Business Feng Shui. The workshop was very inspiring to me.
All the best,
See you next time
Best regards

Regarding the seminar, my wife and I can give you a very positive feedback. In our opinion, each of the participants was very committed to the work and Howard Choy got involved in a wonderful way.
Christian P.