“The timeless harmony aspirations of Ancient China to connect with western comforts of the 21st century, is the basic idea of ​​my work as a Feng Shui consultant.”

Edith Anna Feldhofer
Since fourteen years I am working as a classical Feng Shui consultant and have conducted numerous Feng Shui consultations for private apartments, houses and buildings and improved the quality of life of many people by the harmonization of their living spaces.
Doctors Practices, shops, restaurants, offices, a wellness area of a hotel, as well as a major town planning project, are among the corporate customers whose premises I have helped, with the method of holistic “Kan Yu” Feng Shui, to achieve more harmony and greater business success.
All Consultations and Documentation are in German or English.
Home Staging is a new category in which I prepare real estate with the help of Feng Shui and in cooperation with interior designer, craftsman and furniture store, for optimum sales. This involves, for example, making the use of space more visible and increases the feel-good factors of a property.
Because of my many years living and working in Hong Kong and Singapore, I also work as a China Expert in intercultural communication. As part of these activities, I was allowed to make the management of several large companies’ Fit ​​for the economy in China. I offer crash courses, seminars and individual consulting for companies and businessmen.
My further education offer for Feng Shui professionals includes master classes with Howard Choy, which I organize regularly.