All that exists — whether organic or non-organic — contains Qi. Anything that contains Qi, has the qualities of Yin & Yang. Balance and harmony of Yin & Yang lead to peace and success.





Consulting process of a classical
Feng Shui consultation

Basis of a professional Feng Shui consultation is a personal conversation.

1. Preliminary. The complimentary preliminary meeting is intended to get acquainted. Here I am looking at your personal preferences, needs and expectations, but also to discuss the potential shortcomings of your living situation. Sense of the preliminary discussion is the joint development of the exact Feng Shui tasks. Generally, it is beneficial for us to meet on your premises, so I can get a feeling of the location. In exceptional cases, there is, thanks to Google Earth, a distance counseling possible.

2. Offer. You will receive a written quote with the jointly developed Feng Shui tasks. After placing the order I need the following information from you:

  • cadastral map
  • layout of the house/apartment/office
  • Year of construction of the house
  • Information on all major renovations
  • birth data including time and place of birth of all roommates

3. Feng Shui analysis. Based on the preliminary consultation and offer I make a Feng Shui analysis of your living space. Ordinarily this takes about 10 working days and provides a holistic view of the potential of your living spaces and sustainable solutions for your requirements. As a matter of course your personal style will be considered.

Classical Feng Shui consultation usually includes two to three meetings in your house or apartment, each about three hours in addition to a detailed written Feng Shui summary. The costs of the consultation is € 12 to € 14 per m² and are dependent on size, scope of the assignment.

4. On-site meeting. Together we look at the Feng Shui recommendations room by room. The overall advice is presented to you in a PowerPoint presentation. In addition to your task, this presentation includes recommendations for land use, choice of colors, materials, lighting and furniture. The recommended measures are illustrated by drawings. I offer practical Feng Shui solutions which can be easily implemented.

The focus of my Feng Shui consultation and the implementation are your needs and wants!

5. Implementation. Upon request, I can connect you with my long-standing cooperation partner an interior designer, who will, in consultation with me, help you with the implementation. We offer exclusive full concepts for interior spaces — houses and apartments — and put them from design impulses to your fully finished living space.

I’m also happy to work with your architects and interior designers.

6. Additional offer. All my consultations involve a Dowsing investigation of your property, sleep and workplace. Depending on the effort this will be done either by myself or by an experienced dowser.

7. Support. Upon completion of the consultation, there is a free 2-hour follow-up included. Further support will be charged with € 90 to € 120 per hour.

Client confidentiality policy

Your privacy is important to me. All information is kept strictly confidential and will only be discussed with third parties with your consent.

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