Better quality of life through
classical Feng Shui

“Feng Shui is, at the right time, the right place, doing the right thing” (Howard Choy, Feng Shui Architect)

Classical Feng Shui (Kan Yu) is a holistic method, which strives to produce the balance between the “inside” and “outside”. Feng Shui works on the principle of resonance. Our external environment affects us and vice versa, the individual reacts differently. The “inner” and “outer” is a system with mutual affection. With this knowledge, it becomes clear that we can not see ourselves disconnected from our environment.

There are almost always areas in our life that need special attention, help and balance.

In order to find fulfillment in life, we need to discover and use the positive energy flow (Qi) in our environment.
The development of this naturally powerful energy enables to:

  • create a space where people feel comfortable
  • develop personal potential in order to flourish
  • harmonize relationships between people
  • work out our Individual life paths and goals
  • implement Entrepreneurial plans