Chinese Astrology

“The new year starts for me with a horoscope analysis of Edith Feldhofer — and has been for many years. It is a real help and I am very grateful for her striking views and suggestions.”
Jörg B., Vienna

Are you looking for answers to the many challenges of life? The Chinese astrology allows you a deeper and more profound understanding of your potentials and weaknesses and shows how to proceed in order to realize your dreams.

I am working with two systems:

BaZi (Four Pillars) — Horoscope Analysis

In a classic Feng Shui consultation for home, apartment or business the BaZi is indispensable. It allows to adjust Feng Shui measures and to respond to the individual person, so the advice is of depth and accuracy. It can be seen where there is an issue and encourages the understanding of risks to perform life changes at the right time. The Chinese horoscope analysis is a very useful tool in decision-making.

BaZi means “Four Pillars of Destiny.” This is a profound system of prediction based on the birth dates (year, month, day, hour). They represent four basic elements which are attributed to the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese horoscope is not, as the saying goes, from one animal only.

Jui Ming Gong Li (NineStarKi) — Character Analysis

In this method, the psychological significance of the trigrams is most evident, that can highlight potential problem areas and a personality very well. You recognize what leads you to your thoughts, actions and your reactions. Main Goal: self-knowledge!

Character Analysis

NineStarKi helps to understand your own abilities and weaknesses better and learn to accept one’s own personality and productively deal with yourself. This leads to be more relaxed and conscious of yourself and your environment!

Partnership Considerations

NineStarKi shows the potential for development of a partnership as well as their stress fields. It can involve a relationship with your spouse, parent-child relationship or a business relationship. The entire interaction field is illuminated to create the conditions for a fruitful cooperation!

Team — organizations

The success of a group is related to the art to utilize the talents of the individual members, and to take into account their optimal stress zones. NineStarKi provides an accurate way to optimize the performance of teams!

Benefits of counseling

Meaning of a horoscope analysis is to better understand yourself and others and obtain insights into the nature of many problems. As such, a horoscope analysis is a useful tool to take risks and make decisions at the right time or to pursue a new direction in life. Together we develop measures/activities/behaviors with the aim to seize opportunities, meet challenges, and expand your potential.

Duration of Consultation: min. 2 hours

Cost: from € 230 (compilation, analysis and interpretation)