Edith Anna Feldhofer

Qualified Feng Shui Master & Asia Expert

I worked in Vienna as a Financial Controller in Austrian subsidiaries of foreign corporations (e.g. OMRON, Japan), before I moved to Hong Kong in 1992, where I established an Import-/Export company. My interest in Chinese culture and metaphysics was furthered by a relocation to Singapore in 1996. I took classes in Qi Gong and Tai Chi (which I still practice) and in Chinese painting.
My biggest interest is in the area of Feng Shui, which I devoted myself to from the beginning with great passion. After attending seminars with Lillian Too and Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, I met Grand Master Raymond Lo (Hong Kong University), who had just started his “School of Feng Shui”. He was one of the first Chinese Masters, who offered a thorough, Feng Shui training for “Westerners”, which continued over a period of two years.
In 1999 I got my diploma on Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and I Ching.
Back in Vienna I took additional courses and seminars at William Spear, Roger Green and Robert Sachs (9StarKi) to improve my skills and knowledge. In addition, I completed the 2003 Feng Shui master class by Grandmaster Joseph Yu, Canada. Since Feng Shui is a knowledge that is constantly developing and that demands a lifelong learning and teaching, I attended master classes with Master Howard Choy B Arch, London/Sydney.
Due to my extensive experience in Asia, I got a teaching assignment on “Intercultural Communication Asia” at WIFI Vienna. Since 2011 I have organized master classes with Howard Choy in Austria.
My private clients that I have been accompanying for many years benefit from my knowledge and years of experience as a Feng Shui Master. I strengthen their well-being through improved interior design, but also actively help them to manage themselves and their surroundings in a positive way.
For my corporate clients, I offer services to a variety of industries (e.g. freelancers, trade, services, medical, telecommunications and hotel industry). The Feng Shui measures and recommendations help them to improve the working environment, store layout and generally optimize the company’s goals and revenues.